About New England Product Group

The New England Product Group can help you from strategy and ideation through best practices and execution to create great products that provide exceptional value for customers and stakeholders. NEPG works with CEOs, Founders, and Executive Teams of technology-based companies to create a path for achieving their product vision and organizational objectives.

Support includes the commercialization and growth of B2B software or hardware products with oversight for the entire product lifecycle from conceptualization through to exit. NEPG provides support and guidance during key phases such as product development/research, strategy development, roadmaps, business modeling, MVP definition, product launch, mentoring on best practices, and aggressive scaling to achieve organizational objectives. Services include fractional product executive, interim product executive, product management consulting, and advisory board roles.

Building products is hard. Despite advancements in technology, it is more difficult to build products that achieve breakthrough success. There are many moving parts in the ecosystem of technology, people and processes. Customer journeys are more complex than ever and customers expect more. NEPG will work with your teams to increase the odds of your product success through an iterative, collaborative and outcome-driven approach. Leverage 25 years of product management & strategy expertise gained from working with B2B tech companies across a wide range of industries and technologies to build products, grow revenue, and catalyze your business. 

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