Product Management Consulting

Providing insightful, actionable product strategies and day-to-day leadership of design, development, and marketing.

Why Engage a Product Management Consultant?

  • IMMEDIATE IMPACT: Add senior-level product expertise quickly and cost-effectively

  • STRATEGIC: develop insightful, measurable, actionable Product Strategies

  • DAY-TO-DAY LEADERSHIP of Product Design, Development, and Marketing for a given project

How Product Management Consulting Works

  • PROJECT-BASED: lead one or more projects from inception to launch, or any step in between

  • FOCUS: typically individual contributor

  • STRATEGIC AND TACTICAL: Focus on product strategy as well as day-to-day execution of projects

Product Management Activities


  • Identify Company and Project Goals and KPI’s

  • Identify Market Opportunities

  • Conduct Competitive Analysis

  • Run Customer Research and Analytics

  • Direct Customer Interviews

  • Conduct Usability Research and Customer Feedback

  • Establish Voice of the Customer

  • Create Financial Models

  • Document Conversion Funnels

  • Author Product Strategy Decks

  • Create and Maintain Roadmaps


  • Lead Innovation Exercises

  • Identifiy Feature Set

  • Research User Personas

  • Document User Journeys

  • Draft Product Requirements

  • Create user stories (product requirements) that support customer journeys

  • Collaborate with User Experience Design

  • Guide Visual Design

  • Lead Prototyping and Feedback

  • Work closely with Development Team

  • Orchestrate A/B and Multivariate Testing


  • Attend Daily Standups

  • Collaborate with Design, Development, and QA teams in real time as needed


  • Conduct Daily/Weekly/Monthly reporting on product performance

  • Analyze product performance and make iterative improvements

  • Communicate Product Plans and Decisions with the rest of the company

  • Evangelize product benefits to sales and marketing teams, media, analysts, prospects and customers

  • Develop automated Email and Push campaigns to retain new customers

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