Helping Build High-Performance Product Teams

Let's face it. Life is too short to create products that nobody loves. The right team, frameworks, processes, tools, and mindset lay the foundation that enables teams to innovate and create great products in a reproducible manner.

Examples of Common Challenges Within Product Teams

Product Management Leadership is Oversubscribed

THE CHALLENGE: Product team leadership is never caught up. They have too many tasks that cannot be delegated. There is no budget to expand the team.

EXAMPLE ENGAGEMENT: Assist the leader with senior level tasks to provide additional time back to focus on what is important. Step in as a “Fractional VP of Product Management” to offload work.

Product Management Does Not Lead the Business

THE CHALLENGE: Product Management function does not operate as a cross-functional leaders to unify teams and drive business direction.

EXAMPLE ENGAGEMENT: Reset the role of Product Management within the team. Provide Product Management coaching on mindset, and  training on best practices to ensure that Product Managers take on the role of business leadership.

There is High Variability in Quality Among Product Managers

THE CHALLENGE: Within the the Product Management team there is a wide variance in the skill level and ability of individuals which affects business results and trust in the overall team.

EXAMPLE ENGAGEMENT: Introduce individualized coaching and mentoring programs for Product Managers that are struggling. Provide similar for high performing Product Managers that seek to up-skill in order to move into the next role. Pair up senior and junior Product Managers to provide guidance and mentoring.

It is Difficult to Hire and Retain Good Product Managers

THE CHALLENGE: Hiring quality Product Managers has yielded mixed results. Retaining Product Managers is challenging if they don't have clear career paths and a sense of growth.

EXAMPLE ENGAGEMENT: Provide training on methods to improve the hiring success rate and increase Product Manager satisfaction with a tailored review process specific to product managers. Help with strategies to provide stretch assignments and growth opportunities for product managers.

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