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5 Myths About Product Management

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I have observed that there are many myths surrounding the practice of product management that are holding companies back from achieving their full potential. Here are five of the biggest myths that I (still) often encounter:

Myth #1: Product management is just about creating a product roadmap.

Reality: A product roadmap is just one part of the product management process. Product managers are responsible for defining the product vision, creating product strategy, and executing the product roadmap. They conduct research, gather feedback, and analyze data to understand the customer, their needs, and the market they operate in. The product manager is also responsible for defining the product’s unique value proposition for customers. They work with cross-functional teams to ensure that the product meets customer needs, aligns with company goals, and is competitive in the market.

Myth #2: Product managers are the sole decision-makers for the product.

Reality: While product managers play a crucial role in a product’s success, they are not the sole decision-makers. Product management is a collaborative effort that involves multiple stakeholders, including designers, engineers, marketers, sales, and executives. Product managers facilitate the decision-making process by providing data-driven insights and working closely with other stakeholders.

Myth #3: Product management is only necessary for tech companies.

Reality: Product management is essential for any business that wants to develop successful products. Whether a tech startup or a traditional brick-and-mortar company, product management can help your business create products that meet your customers’ needs and drive business growth.

Myth #4: Product management is a one-time activity.

Reality: Product management is an ongoing process that involves continuous improvement and iteration. Product managers must stay up-to-date on customer needs, market trends, and emerging technologies to ensure the product remains relevant and competitive. The reality is that markets, customers, and technology evolve, and so must your company's products.

Myth #5: Product management is a solo activity.

Reality: Product management is a team sport. Product managers work with cross-functional teams, including designers, engineers, marketers, sales, customer support, and executives, to develop and launch successful products. They need to inspire and motivate their team members to work towards a common goal and to maintain the team’s focus on the customer and the company’s objectives.

These myths surrounding product management can hinder a company’s growth and success. Giving Product Management a seat in the C-suite can help dispel these myths and facilitate an understanding of the reality of product management and how it operates to enable companies to develop successful products that meet customer needs and drive business growth.

Originally published in Bootcamp on Medium.