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IIoT, AI, and Digital Transformation Success

As companies look to the promise of digitalization and undertake initiatives, the failure rate of those efforts remains high. Many begin without fully appreciating the technical challenges/requirements, without a business case, and without the ability to measure the ROI. Digitalization is also a team sport. Going it alone isn't an option, so determining who to partner with in building an ecosystem is critical.

VR / AR, AI, and machine learning are data intensive. To be successful, they require appropriate connectivity technologies to provide time-critical, cost-efficient data collection from IoT/IIoT across manufacturing environments and the supply chain. Often, this will require collaboration and partnerships to bridge the gap between AI and IIoT and unlock the industrial future. 

The companies that set themselves up for success focus on the right digitalization goal, the business case for it, how to measure ROI, and the right technology and partnership paths.

Originally published on Medium.