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Why Should Customers Hire Your Product?

Image Credit: Yan Krukau / Pexels 

Today I wanted to discuss one of the most powerful product development frameworks available - Jobs to Be Done (JTBD). This framework helps product teams deeply understand the needs and desires of their customers, allowing them to create products that truly resonate with their users.

The basic premise of JTBD is that people "hire" products to do a job for them. This job could be as simple as "I need to quench my thirst" or as complex as "I need to manage my finances." By understanding the job a user needs to accomplish, product teams can create solutions that truly meet their needs.

What makes JTBD so great is that it goes beyond traditional market research and user feedback. Instead of asking users what they want or need, JTBD focuses on understanding the underlying motivation behind their actions. Doing so allows product teams to create solutions that meet their users' needs, even if those needs aren't immediately obvious.

However, using JTBD effectively can be difficult. It requires a deep understanding of your users and their motivations. It also requires thinking creatively about how your product can help them achieve their goals. And it can be challenging to identify the right jobs to focus on, as users may have multiple jobs that they need to do.

To apply JTBD effectively, product teams should focus on gathering as much qualitative data as possible. This could include conducting in-depth interviews with users, observing their behavior in context, and analyzing their interactions with your product. Additionally, it's important to involve cross-functional teams in the JTBD process, including designers, engineers, and marketers, to ensure everyone is fully aligned with the user's needs.

The Jobs to Be Done framework is a powerful tool for creating products that truly meet your users' needs. While it can be challenging to use effectively, with the right approach and a deep understanding of your users, JTBD can help you create products that truly stand out in the market.

Originally published in Bootcamp on Medium.