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Change Is The Only Constant

Image credit: geralt / Pixabay

I have worked with many startups and growth-stage companies through the years. What is common to all is the continual need to adapt and change. Yes, this can involve the proverbial pivot, but what I am referring to is beyond strategy. Operational processes, organizational structures, roles, and tools also need to evolve as the company grows. 

Often, what got a company to where they are, will not get them to the next level, the next stage of growth. What they were doing to drive success can hinder future growth when existing processes, organizational structures, or tools become bottlenecks as the company scales and the customer base grows. 

Will your current organizational structure, processes, and tools meet the needs of the business six months from now? What about next year or the year after? Will you outgrow what you have in place? Do you have a plan?

The key to long-term success is not just ensuring efficient execution today. It also requires anticipation of future company needs, with a plan to implement the right changes at the right time to set the stage for enabling continued growth and avoiding crisis.

Originally published on LinkedIn.