James Powers

VP at Citigroup

Rob possess exceptionally strong analytical skills, ability to examine and interpret information in multiple view points, in-depth knowledge of both product management and network, application development, support and capacity planning metrics which was key to the design win at Citigroup.

Konrad Holubek

Co-Founder at Elbee

Robert has a broad experience in product management and marketing. As an advisor to our project, Robert brings us extremely valuable insight on our product's features and more generally on our marketing strategy. His is very reactive and always ready to help us and advice us.

Tico Rehman


I have been connected with Robert for a while now but just recently asked him to become an adviser on Prognosis UK's , Transtech Project.

Robert in only a few days has showed his expertise and experience in international business by providing insight in the areas of product development, sales and marketing and finance.

I am very pleased to be working with Robert and having him on the advisory panel and I hope this relationship will continue to build.

Ron Platukis

Founder and Principal at RON-CO, LLC

Rob is among the best marketing minds I know. A brilliant product & market strategist, he exemplifies the golden rules of product management: Know your customers & competitors better than your tech staff & know your product & competitors better than your field. He is a strong leader, teambuilder & contributor cultivating relationships between engineering, marketing, sales, customers & partners.

Henry Barber

Chief Financial Officer at Xanoptix

Robert's tenaciousness and organization abilities enabled him to navigate the structure of large fortune 500 companies leading to successful deals with these companies. He is thorough and dedicated in his marketing efforts and his engineering skills provided Xanoptix with a multi-talented professional who led the company to some early successes.

Harald Hamster

Vice President Corporate Development at ams AG

Robert did an outstanding job for Xanoptix by initiating several important business relationships and shepherding them to the next level. For all companies that he closely worked with he was able to close formal partnership agreements.

Robert is a thorough and methodical manager. His calm, fact based approached made it easy for him to develop business relations. I highly recommend him.

Rakesh Prasad

Chair of Ottawa Chapter at Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, Ekal Canada

Robert is a dedicated and a hard working professional. Working with Robert was always a pleasure and a learning experience. He has keen eye for details and a remarkable vision for future. His insight and wisdom was the reason for several successful projects. He will be a valuable asset to any organization.

Savo Markovic

SAP Technical Architect at IBM

Robert was one of the best engineers I ever worked with: very inventive and fast in his ideas implementation. He was also accepting others' ideas very well. Robert was at the leading edge of technology, and the very first one who implemented www at Nortel Networks.

RJ (Jim) Bateman

Test and Measurement Executive, Retired

Robert is a very talented person with superb engineering, management, and planning skills. He is smart, energetic, passionate, and was able to build excellent relationships with Net-HOPPER customers and partners.