Interim/Fractional Product Management Executive

Executive-level product management expertise without the delay, cost, or commitment of hiring full-time.

Advantages of an Interim/Fractional Product Executive

  • IMMEDIATE impact with a Seasoned Product Management Leader

  • ECONOMICAL compared to a Full Time Product Executive

  • MENTORSHIP that empowers your existing team

  • BEST PRACTICES: Guidance on Product Management tools, processes, and frameworks

  • FRESH PRESPECTIVE: Uncover blind spots and find overlooked opportunities

When Does an Interim/Fractional Product Executive Make Sense?

Examples of When to Engage an Interim/Fractional Product Executive

  • You aren’t able to attract the right permanent candidate for the role.

  • You are establishing the product function for the first time

  • You need to understand the product function before making a permanent hire

  • You Don't Need A Full-Time CPO/VP at this time

    • It may be premature to bring on a permanent CPO/VP

    • But, you need to increase the maturity of the existing product function

    • Or, you need someone to provide support to technology and design leaders

  • There is not enough budget for bringing on a permanent CPO/VP

    • But, you need someone to take you to the next round of funding

  • You need strategic advice

  • You need someone to cover for a departing CPO/VP

When NOT to Engage an Interim/Fractional Product Executive

  • There is no buy-in from the leadership team

  • Your organization isn't ready for change

  • Your culture isn’t favorable to outside help

  • You need a figurehead to drive long-term cultural change

  • You need a politician to resolve territorial issues

  • Consulting costs worry you more than the outcomes and results

How an Interim/Fractional Product Executive Works

  • Fixed number of days per week

  • Ensures alignment of product strategy and roadmap with corporate goals and market needs

  • Works to advance team goals, from driving hands-on projects to leadership

  • Drives project and task completion to accelerate time to market and revenue

Interim Product Executive

  • Full-time short-term strategic & operational support

  • High-touch model, can be based remotely or on-site on your premises, as needed.

  • e.g. 4-5 days a week for 6-9 months

Fractional Product Executive

  • Part-time long-term strategic support

  • Lower-touch model, either on consecutive days or spread throughout the week, subject to availability

  • Work remotely with travel for meetings as needed.

  • e.g. 1-2 days a week for 12-18 months

Interim/Fractional Product Executive Activities


  • Build strong teams of Product Managers and Designers

  • Product Management Processes and Frameworks Best Practices

  • Establish Product Manager Responsibilities

  • Create Product Management Team Job Ladder (Associate PM, PM, Sr. PM, Director, etc.)

  • Create Product Manager Job Postings

  • Organize and lead Weekly Product Team Meeting agenda

  • Set up interview process for Product Managers

  • Document Product-Design-Development Workflow

  • Establish Product Prioritization Process


  • Identify Company and Project Goals and KPI’s

  • Direct Customer Interviews

  • Conduct Usability Research and Customer Feedback

  • Establish Voice of the Customer

  • Create and Maintain Roadmaps


  • Lead Innovation Exercises

  • Identify Feature Set

  • Research User Personas

  • Document User Journeys

  • Draft Product Requirements

  • Create user stories (product requirements) that support customer journeys

  • Collaborate with User Experience Design

  • Guide Visual Design

  • Lead Prototyping and Feedback

  • Work closely with Development Team

  • Orchestrate A/B and Multivariate Testing


  • Attend Daily Standups

  • Collaborate with Design, Development, and QA teams in real time as needed


  • Communicate Product Plans and Decisions with the rest of the company

  • Evangelize product benefits to sales and marketing teams, media, analysts, prospects and customers

  • Analyze product performance and make iterative improvements

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